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Drilling Rigs Purpose Built

Drill Technics Australia is our design and manufacturing arm, since 1995 Mike has been designing and building drill rigs and equipment for the specific requirements of clients in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.  Our Drill North rigs (were 6, now 4) have begun as new / purpose built  or redesigned / refurbished to suit the type of drilling needed.  Man-portables manufactured for Asia in the 1990s are still working for clients in the jungle and on mine sites. Ask Drill North’s experienced team in the workshop.

Drilling Rigs Purpose Built Buggy Manufacture Drillling Rigs Purpose Built

Drilling Equipment

The auxiliary compressor and booster, pictured here have been mounted on the Leader truck for space, ease and versatility. Along with compressor and booster experts Keypower Townsville, this drilling equipment unit has been purpose built,  It is available for hire when our crews are not using it on drilling projects which require more air!

Drilling Equipment Auxiliary Compressor and Booster DT Buggy control Panel Drilling Equipment RT Rod Box Drilling Equipment

hydraulic footclamps

The PQ Failsafe hydraulic footclamp has been manufactured for many drilling clients, over the years. We use one on every rig.

PQ, HQ, NQ size jaws with replaceable tungsten inserts.

DT Foot Clamps Hydraulic Footclamps DT Foot Clamps Hydraulic Footclamps DT Foot Clamp Insitu Hydraulic Footclamps

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